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less operations
less effort without impact
less waste

We offer technology consulting as it should be. Not just architecture diagrams, but hands-on in the code. Not only the most beautiful technical solutions, but understanding the problem first and then finding the most direct way to its solution. Not only contract work, but understanding, defining and achieving the goal together with the customer.

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Especially the AWS Cloud helps us not to get lost in technical details but to work in fast iterations. Why this suits us so well is easily explained. <strong>LESS Operations</strong> through serverless, radical automation and infrastructure-as-code. <strong>LESS Waste</strong> through ultra-short roundtrip times and direct feedback. <strong>LESS Effort without Impact</strong> through the consistent use of managed services and established solutions.

In addition to professional competence, we pay close attention to our LESS mindset in recruiting and our culture. When we have a new requirement, we ask ourselves and others first "Do we even need this?", "Can't it be easier for the user?" and "Is this really the most valuable thing we can work on right now?" before we think about the technical solution. Before we dive deep into our work, we first look for the right tool.

Technical Excellence
languages, tools, frameworks, experience
The LESS mindset
methodology, pragmatism, communication, challenging

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The model

Each feature we could work on has associated effort and value. Both are hard to measure and even harder to predict, so this remains a qualitative model. Based on the decision which features are being worked on, we can visualize the total effort as well as the total customer value for all implemented ones.

Let's explore the impact of applying more LESS to this model.

Agile Cloud Engineering - from ideas to validated products

Agile and Cloud are two concepts that are made for each other. The promise of the cloud is to start experiments extremely quickly and cost-effectively, to scale infinitely if successful, and in the worst case, to delete it again with minimal effort. In agile product development, we want to conduct many experiments, measure as much as possible, and thus get quick feedback. Working ideas are developed incrementally, failed hypotheses rejected. Sounds similar? It is! AWS is our first choice when running in the cloud. In case you ever want to change your cloud provider, we are convinced that the additional costs for a cloud agnostic approach are much higher than the one-time switching costs. Yes, the coupling of your own application to native AWS services makes a later migration difficult. However, all these things do not have to be implemented and operated in the first place. Besides the technical effort, a central problem would be the resulting slowdown of feature development. As time is precious, we do not want to lose time when experimenting and prototyping, therefore we trust in and rely on our partner AWS.


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